A Beer Competition Exclusively
For Canned Beer

In our 5th year, over 750 beers were entered from across the globe.


Please ship entries to:

Can Can Awards
679 Lawton St SW
Atlanta, GA 30310 USA

Once submissions are received, the CCA's team will process all cans and immediately place processed submission in walk-in cooler for storage where they will remain until moments before judging. 

  • This is a CAN ONLY beer judging competition, therefore all submitted beer must be canned. Crowlers are acceptable.
  • Each entry must include (at minimum) 3 cans/vessels of 10 oz or greater. This is regardless of can volume. 
  • DO NOT AFFIX LABELS TO CANS. We will take professional photographs of all winners and share with you.
  • Avoid sending samples via the USPS
  • CCA’s will notify Breweries of any damaged product or missing cans once received. 
  • Breweries will have until the submission deadline to send replacement cans. 
  • Packing Peanuts are NOT recommended unless enclosed in plastic bags. 
  • Cans MUST be received by July 6th. Any product received after July 6th will be disqualified. Entry fee and product will not be refunded or returned.
  • Feel free to send additional cans and/or swag to be used as handouts to our amazing Judges, Stewards, and Volunteers. 

Packing Preference:

  • Roll each can in bubble wrap. Use minimal tape to secure bubble wrap.
  • Place wrapped cans inside of ziplock bags.
  • Place same Style Submission cans inside of larger ziplock style bag.
  • Line inside of shipping box with heavy trash bag. Line inside of trash bag with bubble wrap, balled up newspaper, air pillows, foam, etc. (Swag like T-shirts, stickers, scarves, sweaters, coasters, cups, hats, etc. all make for great packaging material)
  • If using packing peanuts, please avoid using loose peanuts. Instead, fill grocery bags with packing peanuts and tie off. 
  • If shipping with ice packs, please place ice pack(s) inside their own ziplock bag due to possible rupture. 
  • Fill shipping box to the top with packing material. Avoid having any empty space.
  • Tape up box well.
  • If possible, ship in two boxes. One smaller box wrapped in heavy duty trash bag place inside of a larger box with additional shipping material.