A Beer Competition Exclusively
For Canned Beer

In our 5th year, over 750 beers were entered from across the globe.


Thank you for your Interest in Judging the 2021 Can Can Awards

  • The 2021 Can Can Awards Judging will be six days spread out over two weekends (as needed) in Atlanta, GA starting Friday July 9th and wrapping up after all sessions on Sunday July 18th.  
  • Judging will take place again at the amazing Hop City Beer and Wine located at the Lee + White development in the Historic Westend. Minutes from downtown Atlanta, and home to the new Monday Night Garage, Wild Heaven Beer, ASW Distillery, Hop City, Boxcar, Best End Brewing, and more. 
  • We would like to confirm Judges as soon as possible. There are a limited number of slots available.

In exchange for your services, you can expect:

(Due to extenuating circumstances regarding the COVID Pandemic, the CCA’s and its team are operating on an unfortunately LEAN budget for 2021. With great sadness, we are unable to offer monetary compensation as high as we have in the past. We are working on finding potential sponsors to assist in funding you amazing Judges at a higher rate. Unfortunately, as 2021 is concerned, we are in a rebuild phase and trying to stay afloat. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will still consider participating in this fun and impactful event.

  • $8 per session if you are BJCP with rank of Certified or higher, Cicerone Level 2 or higher, or a Professional Brewer
  • Random variety of leftover brews to take home (for anyone who stays till the end each day)
  • Brewery Swag
  • Lunch and snacks included
  • Hanging out with a bunch of other beer geeks drinking some great canned beers
  • We are currently working on coordinating private brewery and distillery tours/sampling for Friday and Saturday evenings for this year’s CCA Judges. We will keep you posted.