A Beer Competition Exclusively
For Canned Beer

In our 5th year, over 750 beers were entered from across the globe.


Can Can Awards Ambassador Program

The Can Can Awards is in need of some creative, colorful, and reliable individuals to join our team.

Who We are:

Can Can Awards is the premier beer competition focused solely on canned craft beers. In 2019, over 450 beers were entered from across the U.S. and beyond. We strive on promoting the canned beer movement and identifying the best breweries in the industry.

Who You Are:

You are someone:

  • that is at least 21
  • that rarely orders the same beer from a bar/restaurant
  • that is competent with social media and enjoys posting content
  • that can provide a fair, unbiased review of brew
  • that has a mailing address
  • that is creative and entertaining
  • that supports the canned beer movement


The Problem:

Since our launch, the CCA’s have developed into such an industry respected and successful competition. The number of participating breweries from around the world continue to increase and we cannot be happier.

However, we have discovered that after the judging takes place, and after our amazing Judges and Stewards take their bounty, we are left with an enormous amount of canned beer that, despite our best efforts, does not get consumed before going bad.

And we know what you are thinking, “If that were me, I would just drink it all and/or give it a bunch away to our buddies and/or throw a party…” Yea, we do all that. And there is still a ton left over.

It brings a tear to our eyes to know that so many drinkable brews will never get to fulfill their destiny.

The Want:

We want to give these Brews the life they deserve, full of travel, appreciation, and discussion.

We are seeking multiple individuals that would enjoy receiving random assortments of various brews and, in turn, review each brew over their various social.


  • Video reviews preferred
  • One review per brew received preferred. Maximum of two brews in one review if necessary
  • Timely reviewing. Please do not let the beers sit for a month. Create the reviews while the brews are fresh.
  • Coordinate with CCA Media contact for preferred content release pace/frequency. (If we ship 200 beers out, we would like to have the various content released over a period of time rather than 200 things going out in just one week and nothing after).
  • Be able to provide a detailed and positive/balanced review. Nothing rude, mean, or hateful. I.e. “this beer tastes like crap, what were they thinking?”. If a brew is truly that terrible, reach out to your CCA Media contact for suggestions.
  • Each review must include at least two credits towards the Can Can Awards. Reviewers that promote Can Can Awards and encourage followers will be awarded with additional samples.
  • Reviewers must include at least two credits to the specific beer they are reviewing as well as the brewery that produced it.
  • Reviewers must tag Can Can Awards as well as the brewery of which they are reviewing in all reviews.