2018 Medalists

2018 Medalists

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The Can Can Awards

The Can Can Awards is the premier beer competition focused solely on canned craft beers. In our 3rd year, 350 beers were entered from across the globe.


Judging took place over 2 days near Atlanta, Georgia. The Can Can Awards competition was sanctioned by the BJCP. Judges were not allowed to judge beers in which they had an affiliation and judged all beers in blind taste tests. Medals were not awarded to any beers scoring less than 30 out of 50.
Here is the full list of 2018 winners. For breweries looking to promote their medals, please visit this page for free downloadable resources.


Golden/Blonde Ale

  1. BJ’s Brewhouse, BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde (Gold)
  2. Three Creeks, Knotty Blonde (Silver)
  3. Black Abbey, Crossroads (Bronze)


  1. Bier Brewery, Special Kolsch (Gold)
  2. Daredevil, Daredevil Vacation (Silver)
  3. Bomber, Over The Mountain (Bronze)

English-Style Pale Ale

  1. McClellan’s, Wulver (Gold)
  2. No Silver Awarded
  3. No Bronze Awarded

American-Style Pale Ale

  1. Epic, Rino APA (Gold)
  2. Full Sail, Session EZ IPA (Silver)
  3. Bier Brewery, PDG Pale (Bronze)

English-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Sante Fe, Happy Camper (Gold)
  2. Three Creeks, Hoodoo Voodoo (Silver)
  3. No Bronze Awarded

West Coast-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Mother Earth, Boo Koo (Gold)
  2. Atlas Brew Works, Ponzi (Silver)
  3. Nebraska, IPA (Bronze)

New England-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Upstate, 2018 Ale (Gold)
  2. Aviator, GigaBlaster (Silver)
  3. Moonraker, Hazy Duz It (Bronze)

Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale

  1. Bomber, Absolute Horizon (Gold)
  2. BJ’s Brewhouse, BJ’s Hopstorm IPA (Silver)
  3. No Bronze Awarded

Other American-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Hops & Grain, Pellets & Powder (Gold)
  2. GoodLife, Descender (Silver)
  3. Three Taverns, Rowdy and Proud (Bronze)

Session India Pale Ale

  1. Griffin Claw, Gateway IPA (Gold)
  2. Oskar Blues, Pinner (Silver)
  3. Third Street, Sainty Break (Bronze)

Extra Special Bitter

  1. Sante Fe, Sante Fe Pale Ale (Gold)
  2. Bomber, Bomber ESB (Silver)
  3. Redhook, ESB (Bronze)

Scottish- or Scotch-Style Beer

  1. Eventide, Highlander (Gold)
  2. Boundary Bay, Scotch Ale (Silver)
  3. Kettlehouse, Coldsmoke (Bronze)

Irish Red Ale

  1. Tractor, Farmer’s Tan (Gold)
  2. Noble Rey, Off The Leash (Silver)
  3. No Bronze Awarded 

Amber Ale

  1. Station 26, American Copper (Gold)
  2. Fat Bottom, Ruby (Silver)
  3. BJ’s Brewhouse, BJ’s Jeremiah Red (Bronze)

Brown Ale

  1. Sante Fe, Nut Brown (Gold)
  2. Wibby, Moondoor (Silver)
  3. Noble Rey, Baracus (Bronze)


  1. Three Creeks, Fivepine Chocolate Porter (Gold)
  2. Bier Brewery, Backpackin Brown (Silver)
  3. Beards, Serendipity (Bronze)


  1. Chapman’s, Valiant (Gold)
  2. Tractor, Milk Mustachio (Silver)
  3. Aviator, BlackMamba (Bronze)

German-Style Hefeweizen

  1. Bier Brewery, Weizengoot (Gold)
  2. Eventide, Citrus Grove (Silver)
  3. BJ’s Brewhouse, BJ’s Harvest (Bronze)


  1. Foolproof, La Ferme Urbaine (TIE – Gold)
  2. Lift Bridge, Farm Girl (TIE – Gold)
  3. Fat Bottom, Wallflower (Bronze)

Other Belgian-Style Beer

  1. Blacklist Artisan Ales, Or de Belgique (Gold)
  2. Fat Bottom, Ida (Silver)
  3. Broken Bow, Old Split-foot (Bronze)

Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadruple

  1. Black Abbey, The Special (Gold)
  2. No Silver Awarded
  3. No Bronze Awarded

Belgian-Style Tripel

  1. Aviator, Devils Tramping Ground (Gold)
  2. No Silver Awarded
  3. No Bronze Awarded

Imperial India Pale Ale

  1. Bomber, Superpest (Gold)
  2. Foolproof, The Depths (Silver)
  3. Urban South, Finial (Bronze)

Imperial Stout

  1. Bomber, Bomber Russian Imperial Stout (Gold)
  2. Blacklist Artisan Ales, Dark (Silver)
  3. Nebraska, Little Betty (Bronze)

Belgian-Style Witbier

  1. Saint Benjamin, Wit or Witout (Gold)
  2. Blacklist Artisan Ales, Classic Wit (Silver)
  3. Southern Barrel, Betty Wit (Bronze)


American-Style Lager

  1. Third Street, Minnesota Gold Lager (Gold)
  2. Atlas, District Common (Silver)
  3. Wormtown, Maxican (Bronze)

German-Style Pilsner

  1. Serda, Hook, Line, & Lager (Gold)
  2. Upstate, Pilsner (Silver)
  3. Daredevil, Daredevil Pils (Bronze)

Marzen or Oktoberfest

  1. Motorworks, V Twin (Gold)
  2. Bomber, BC Beer Oktoberfest Collaboration (Silver)
  3. Daredevil, Daredevil Marzen (Bronze)


  1. Nashville Brewing, Nashville Original Lager (Gold)
  2. Southern Barrel, Helles Lager (Silver)
  3. Bomber, Skyline Lager (Bronze)

Hybrid Styles

American-Style Wheat Beer

  1. Third Street, Hunny Do (Gold)
  2. Griffin Claw, Mr. Blue Sky (Silver)
  3. Full Sail, Blood Orange Wheat (Bronze)

Herb and Spice Beer

  1. Tailgate, Peanut Butter Milk Stout (Gold)
  2. Due South, Mexican Standoff (Silver)
  3. Station 26, Tangerine Cream (Bronze)

Out Of Bounds Beer

  1. Urban South, White Oak IPA (Gold)
  2. Mazama, Salud (Silver)
  3. Mother Earth, Cali Creamin’ (Bronze)

American-Style Sour Ale

  1. Blue Point, Beach Plum Gose (Gold)
  2. Noble Rey, Bridesmaids Tears (Silver)
  3. Motorworks, Bizarre Gardening Accident (Bronze)

Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer

  1. Kettlehouse, Freeze Out (Gold)
  2. Griffin Claw, Downtown Bourbon Brown (Silver)
  3. Pigeon Hill, YGOFT (Bronze)


  1. Wibby, Lightshine Radler (Gold)
  2. No Silver Awarded 
  3. No Bronze Awarded

Chocolate or Coffee Beer

  1. Sante Fe, Java Stout (Gold)
  2. Urban South, Ca Phe Vietnamese Stout (Silver)
  3. Epic, Son of a Baptist (Bronze)