2017 Medalists

2017 Medalists

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The Can Can Awards

The Can Can Awards is the premier beer competition focused solely on canned craft beers. In our 2nd year, over 400 beers were entered from across the globe.


Judging at the Can Can Awards beer competition

Among our 24 judges from across the Southeast, 5 were professional brewers, 10 had a Beer Judge Certification Program rank of Recognized or higher, and others were experts in the beer industry. Judging took place over 5 days near Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. The Can Can Awards competition was sanctioned by the BJCP. Judges were not allowed to judge beers in which they had an affiliation and judged all beers in blind taste tests. Medals were not awarded to any beers scoring less than 30 out of 50.

Here is the full list of 2017 winners. For breweries looking to promote their medals, please visit this page for free downloadable resources.


Golden/Blonde Ale

  1. Full Sail, Exit 63 (Gold)
  2. Pizza Port, Grandview (Silver)
  3. Eagle Creek, Spot Tail (Bronze)


  1. Elevation, 8 Second Kolsch (Gold)
  2. Daredevil, Vacation (Silver)
  3. Aviator, 3Bones (Bronze)

English-Style Pale Ale

  1. Stillmank, Homegrown (Gold)
  2. Caldera, Ashland Amber (Silver)
  3. Crow Peak, Easy Livin’ (Bronze)

American-Style Pale Ale

  1. Madewest, Madewest Pale (Gold)
  2. M.I.A., Mega Mix (Silver)
  3. Due South, Citrafied (Bronze)

English-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Bonfire Brewing, Firestarter (Gold)
  2. Three Creeks, Hoodoo Voodoo (Silver)
  3. Kettlehouse, Double Haul (Bronze)

American-Style India Pale Ale

  1. Saint Archer, IPA (Gold)
  2. Back East, Ice Cream Man (Silver)
  3. Fiddlehead, Second Fiddle (Bronze)

Session India Pale Ale

  1. Mission, Hopburst (Gold)
  2. Aeronaut, Hop Hop and Away (Silver)
  3. Blue Point, Mosaic Session IPA (Bronze)

Extra Special Bitter

  1. Bomber, Bomber ESB (Gold)
  2. Redhook, ESB (Silver)
  3. Boundary, Ski to Sea ESB (Bronze)

Scottish- or Scotch-Style Beer

  1. Oskar Blues Brewery, Old Chub (Gold)
  2. No Medal Awarded (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)

Red Ale

  1. Aviator, WideOpen Red (Gold)
  2. Three Notch’d, Hydraulion Irish Red (Silver)
  3. Stillmank, 6252 – Simcoe (Bronze)

Amber Ale

  1. Smartmouth, Murphy’s Law (Gold)
  2. Mission, Mission Amber (Silver)
  3. Station 26, American Copper (Bronze)

Brown Ale

  1. Hourglass, Brown Beer Brown Beer, What Do You See? (Gold)
  2. Third Street, Lost Trout (Silver)
  3. Noble Rey, Baracus (Bronze)


  1. Three Creeks, FivePine Chocolate Porter (Gold)
  2. Sante Fe, State Pen Porter (Silver)
  3. Back East, Back East Porter (Bronze)


  1. Smartmouth, Cowcatcher (Gold)
  2. Noon Whistle, Bernie (Silver)
  3. 3 Daughters, Stern Line Oatmeal Stout (Bronze)

German-Style Hefeweizen

  1. Rahr & Sons, Summertime Wheat (Gold)
  2. Nebraska, EOS Hefeweizen (Silver)
  3. 612Brew, Cloud Wars Dry Hopped Hefeweizen (Bronze)


  1. Smartmouth, Alter Ego (Gold)
  2. Katalyst, Symington Saison (Silver)
  3. Southern Barrel, Saison N’on N’on (Bronze)

Other Belgian-Style Beer

  1. Fat Bottom, Ida (Gold)
  2. Revival, Night Swim’ah (Silver)
  3. Blacklist Artisan Ales, Or de Belgique (Bronze)

Belgian-Style Tripel

  1. M.I.A., Tourist Trappe (Gold)
  2. Aviator, Devils Tramping Ground (Silver)
  3. Midnight Sun, Panty Peeler (Bronze)

Imperial India Pale Ale

  1. Hop Butcher For The World, Unwind Your Mind (Gold)
  2. Due South, Category 5 (Silver)
  3. Blue Point, Hazy Bastard (Bronze)


  1. Mission Brewery, Shipwrecked (Gold)
  2. No Medal Awarded (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)

Imperial Stout

  1. Back East, Ex Machina Russian Imperial Stout (Gold)
  2. Aviator, NightJump Russian Imperial Stout (Silver)
  3. Hop Butcher For The World, The World’s Colombian Coffee Exposition (Bronze)

Belgian-Style Witbier

  1. Blacklist Artisan Ales, Classic Wit (Gold)
  2. Port City, Optimal Wit (Silver)
  3. TIE – Hourglass Brewing, Honeybell Wit (Bronze)
  4. TIE – Adelbert’s, Naked Nun (Bronze)


American-Style Lager

  1. Hops & Grain, River Beer (Gold)
  2. Full Sail, Session Premium Lager (Silver)
  3. Hops & Grain, The One They Call Zoe (Bronze)

German-Style Pilsner

  1. Sante Fe Brewing Company, Freestyle Pilsner (Gold)
  2. Oskar Blues, Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Silver)
  3. Mazama, Deadline Pilsner (Bronze)

Marzen or Oktoberfest

  1. Bomber, Bomber Marzen (Gold)
  2. Smartmouth, Sir Vesa (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)


  1. Sockeye, Sockeye Maibock (Gold)
  2. Goldcrest, Goldcrest Premium Bock (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)


  1. Rahr & Sons, Rahr’s Blonde (Gold)
  2. Ballast Point, Longfin (Silver)
  3. TIE – Wibby, Lightshine (Bronze)
  4. TIE – Nashville Brewing Co., Nashville Lager Beer (Bronze)

Hybrid Styles

American-Style Wheat Beer

  1. Widmer Brothers, Hefe (Gold)
  2. Infamous, Sex A Peel (Silver)
  3. GoodLife, Sweet As Pacific (Bronze)

Herb and Spice Beer

  1. Pigeon Hill, Your Mom On French Toast (Gold)
  2. Eagle Creek, Georgia Tea Party (Silver)
  3. Great North Aleworks, RVP (Bronze)

Experimental Beer

  1. Daredevil, Brett Project (Gold)
  2. Madewest, Poli (Silver)
  3. Rhinegeist, Peach Dodo (Bronze)

American-Style Sour Ale

  1. Platform, Basic Beach (Gold)
  2. Barnstormer, Buzz Aldrin Sour (Silver)
  3. Sockeye, Huggy Bear (Bronze)

Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer

  1. Southern Barrel, Frozen Barrel Imperial Milk Stout (Gold)
  2. Rahr & Sons, Midnight Cab (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)


  1. Narragansett, Del’s Lemon Shandy (Gold)
  2. No Medal Awarded (Silver)
  3. No Medal Awarded (Bronze)

Chocolate or Coffee Beer

  1. Great North Aleworks, Chocolate Milk Stout (Gold)
  2. Rahr & Sons, Iron Joe (Silver)
  3. Badger State, Dubious Ruffian (Bronze)